Tuesday, January 21, 2014

23 mobile things: thing 1

Well, here I am. I created this blog as part of a project I'm doing at work, 23 mobile things. I'm hoping this will make me more knowledgable about, and more comfortable with, mobile technology. Right now I consider my tech literacy to be medium--lots of people know more than I do, and lots of people know less. I make extensive use of some of computer capabilities, and no use at all of others. I've done relatively little with mobile devices, which is the point of this project.

In a lot of ways I simply don't know what's available, and this project should address that. But a lot of the challenge is also changing how I think about doing things. Habits are insidious, and tech literacy requires new habits of thinking. To make effective use of apps, it needs to occur to me to use them. And familiarity should absolutely help with that.

I expect that some things I try while doing the 23 things will be things I'm not that interested in continuing once the project's over, but others will be right up my alley and I'll keep using them. Some of them will be relevant to my job, other less so. But I consider the process itself to be useful, aside from the specific apps I'll be playing with. Doing this project will teach me things I want to learn, and get me into new mental grooves that will continue to be useful for future learning.

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