Tuesday, January 28, 2014

23 mobile things: thing 3

For thing 3, I tried out three apps. One I already had--my bedroom clock is also a dock, and I had to put iHome-sleep on my iPod to make it work with the various clock features. Bur I'd never bothered looking to see what all the app can do on its own. Turns out, it can do some things the iPod can already do on its own, like set alarms and reminders; and other things I'm not interested in, like linking to my social networks and giving me a wakeup news roundup. And it has "go to sleep" and "wake up" functions, that involve playing music for a set period of time or gradually increasing the volume over a set period of time respectively.

I also tried wi-fi finder, which is pretty cool. It takes your current location and shows you where there are hotspots near you, and can be filtered to only show free ones. They display either in a list or as pins on a map. The only problem I can see is that it isn't going be able to give results to a wi-fi only device unless I'm already connected. So if I'm out and about, I can only find out if I'm near wi-fi if I've already got a connection, in which case I probably wouldn't need the app. However if I plan ahead I can look for hotspots before going somewhere (the app lets you search by address, city or zip code, as well as by your current location) which could still be useful.

The third thing is a web browser. I decided to give Opera mini a try. I haven't used it much yet, but I've heard good things about Opera generally.

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