Wednesday, March 26, 2014

23 mobile things: thing 8

Thing 8 is social media management. I tried Cloze, which is linked to email and social media, and filters them to prioritize the people it thinks I'm closest to, based on amount of interaction. I'm not on social media much, so combining it with email seemed like a good fit for me--I can see stuff from my key people all in one place, whether from email or facebook.

It shows me mail from key people, then other mail in a separate list, and has several social lists: key people, social mentions, losing touch, and life events, plus a list called All Social, which appears to be everything I would see in my facebook newsfeed, only organized differently. I don't know why cloze bothers to include this--if I wanted to see everything, I'd be looking at facebook and not cloze. I suppose for people on multiple social media platforms it might be more useful.

I looked for a way to delete things or mark them as read. Cloze has Archive, which to my mind isn't really the same thing. I don't need to archive every piece of email, and certainly not every facebook item. But the archive command is apparently what I have to use to clear things off my lists.

I had to poke around in the settings to find a simple list of who Cloze considers to be my key people, which was...interesting. Because it rates people by the amount of contact I've had with them, my list includes the realtor I worked with to buy my house; I haven't emailed her in years, but at one time we were emailing each other heavily, so she made the cut. So the automatic ratings need some tweaking, which can be done in settings.

Another oddity was that the app appears to have gone through other items on my iPod. Several old shopping lists, which all happened to start with the same item, turned up in one of my lists as if that grocery item were one of my contacts. I use Notes on my iPod to write shopping lists; I have no idea how or why cloze would be able to see old deleted notes.

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